Yeager's Poodles & Doodles
Health Guarantee & Sales

A $400 non-refundable but transferable deposit will hold a pup of your choice.  No personal
checks for final payments accepted.  We accept cash, US Postal money orders or PayPal
(plus 3% fee & transaction must be made 2 weeks prior to shipping/picking up the puppy).

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and has been vaccinated and de-wormed
properly for the pup's present age.  Breeder will provide accurate health records of this
puppy.  This guarantee is warranted to the original purchaser for three days.

The buyer should have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within three days.  
Breeder isn't responsible for vet bills.  Should the veterinarian find this puppy to have
serious life threatening illness or disease, (excluding parasites, UTI, umbilical hernias,
coccidia or giardia) breeder will replace your puppy with another puppy of equal value when
one is available.  You will be allowed to keep your pup and you can use the new puppy to
sell and pay vet bills or in the event the puppy has to be put down the new puppy can be a
replacement.  Documentation of proof from a licensed veterinarian must be presented to
breeder within 7 days of purchasing.  Breeder not responsible for transportation costs.  
Breeder reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of their
choice to verify diagnosis before replacing.

This puppy is guaranteed to the original buyer for (1) one year against hereditary/genetic
diseases.  With (1) one year against Hip Dysplasia.  Pups sold for breeding come with a
(2) two year guarantee.  No testing on hips will be honored younger than 18 months old.  
All pups purchased for breeding must have hips tested with either OFA or Penn-Hip before
breeding or this contract is null and void.  If the dog is found to have a serious
hereditary/genetic disease a replacement puppy of equal value will be given when
available.  Documentation must be given from a licensed veterinarian.  I do not honor the
genetic testing by Embark or any other company offering mail in testing.  I also don't honor
pups placed in Guardian homes!

Yeager's Poodles & Doodles pricing is for limited AKC/CKC registration.  An additional
$1,500 for unlimited registrations to approved homes only.  We reserve the right to cancel
or refuse a sale to anyone without giving a reason.

For Limited registration: Buyer will receive AKC or CKC registration papers on AKC or CKC
registerable puppies when proof of spay/neuter is sent to us.  Dogs should be
spayed/neutered no sooner than 6 months of age.  Please talk to your Vet to see what
they recommend.  Some are recommending 9 months.  

Puppies are not sold on a trial basis, please be committed for the life of the dog.  If a
situation arises where you can't keep this dog you may contact us and we will do our best
to place this dog in a new home, but no refunds or exchanges will be given.  We have the
right to refuse sales to anyone at any time.  

We breed for the love of the breed in mind.  Every effort has been made by the breeder to
produce a litter both physically and mentally sound, still some things are in Mother Nature’s
hands.  We can't guarantee color, coat or show quality but we can give our best educated
and honest opinion.

It is required by the breeder to find a reputable veterinarian to keep this puppy up to date
on shots and health issues.  Breeder assumes no responsibility for the puppy after it leaves
the premises for medical expenses, family disputes or any other problem that you have not
thought out.  I do not pay veterinarian bills or transportation costs under any

Please consider all pros and cons to adding a puppy to your life before you purchase this
new member of your family!  Please know the breed or research the breed before buying
the puppy.  It takes good breeding and a good dog owner to get a good dog.  We have
done our part and now you must do yours to keep your new puppy safe, happy and healthy.

If for any reason the buyer has to rehome their puppy we as the breeder must be notified
and have the option of rehoming the puppy without refunding the purchase price to the
If the puppy is rehomed the buyer must notify the breeder and must be given
contact information of the new buyer

By signing this contract the buyer agrees to register the microchip that was placed in your
puppy.  Breeder is not responsible for any issues with the microchip

I understand by signing this agreement it becomes a binding contract and I acknowledge
that I have read, understand and agree to the conditions of this sales agreement.  I agree if
any legal action is required it will be processed in our state and county.




Spay or Neuter Contract

NAME OF SIRE_______________
NAME OF DAM________________  
NAME OF PUPPY ___________________________DOB_______

The following agreement is between __Dana & Rich Wright___ (breeder), hereafter
referred to as "Seller", and ____________________________, hereafter referred to
as "Purchaser".  In consideration of a purchase price of _$1,200_______, of which
four hundred dollars ($400.00) is a nonrefundable deposit, the Seller transfers all
rights in fee simple determinable, privileges and responsibilities associated with the
ownership of the female/male puppy of the __Goldendoodle_______ breed to
Purchaser as of the date and time specified below with the following conditions
Purchaser agrees to neuter/spay the puppy before it reaches one year of age or what
your Vet recommends. Purchaser agrees to supply Seller with a veterinarian's letter by
mail or email as proof of a neuter/spay. If Purchaser fails to neuter/spay this puppy and
provide proof to the Seller by one year of age, rights and ownership of the dog will
automatically terminate and revert back to Seller who may immediately assume
possession of the dog. Seller's reasonable attorney's fees for recovery of the dog will
be paid by the Purchaser.
It is understood by all parties to this agreement that this puppy of the above specified
description is of pet quality. Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that this puppy will
be registered by limited registration. In the event that the Purchaser does not have the
puppy properly neutered/spayed, any offspring issuing from this pet-quality puppy are
not eligible for registration with the  AKC, CKC or UKC.

When to spay/neuter: Generally this should be done when the puppy has reached at
least 9 months. The older the dog, the more able it will be to withstand the anesthesia.
There is no need to wait for a female to have her first heat cycle before she is spayed.
In fact, you can avoid the problems associated with estrus by spaying her before it
occurs. There is also no need to wait for the male to become sexually mature.  Studies
are showing that the older the pup the better it is for their joints. Talk to your
Veterinarian before making your decision to see what she/he thinks.
Why spay/neuter: Fixing your dog prevents pregnancy and the birth of unwanted
puppies. It avoids the need to restrain the dog during estrus. It keeps both sexes from
roaming away from your house in search of a mate. It reduces the tendency of male
dogs to urinate in the house, marking his territory. Licensing fees are also cheaper.
Additionally, it avoids reproductive-related problems such as tumors, pyometra, false
pregnancy, prostate infections, and old-age cancers.
Why should this dog be spayed/neutered? Any puppy sold as a pet should not be
bred. This is simply for the improvement and maintenance of the breeding line.
Breeders have striven for years to select and perfect the working ability of the breed.
They are bred not only for their high-energy levels, but their responsiveness and
intelligence (which is why they have been noted as one of the most intelligent breed of
dogs). Dogs are eligible for a breeding program only if they are able to reproduce
either their own quality or better quality in each successive generation. Breeding is not
to be done casually nor is it a money-making venture. It is not a hobby and is very time
consuming and energy demanding. By demanding that this pet-quality puppy be
neutered/spayed, it avoids mass-production of average quality puppies, controls the
already overblown dog population, and improves the overall fitness of the line.
This does not mean that this puppy is an inferior dog. This puppy is as capable as any
of its littermates of becoming a lovable, well-trained, and perfectly happy dog.  Given
the proper amount of love and attention, nothing should prevent this puppy from
becoming an excellent companion and family member.
We the undersigned have read, understood and agree with the terms of this contract.

Date ___________  Seller/breeder

Adult Dog Adoption Contract

All animal adoption contracts approved by Yeager’s Poodles & Doodles are subject
to the following terms and conditions:


The Adopter agrees that the animal will be kept only as a domesticated house pet.
This means that dogs will be kept indoors except for periods of exercise in a fenced-
in yard or on a leash.
1.        The Adopter agrees to provide proper veterinary care for the animal.
2.        The Adopter grants Yeager’s Poodles & Doodles the right to make periodic
visits to the Adopter’s premises for the purpose of checking on the health and
general welfare of the animal and to verify that the animal has been cared for in
accordance with the terms of this agreements.
3.        The Adopter represents that all family members have agreed to the adoption
of the animal and that all family members will abide by the terms of this agreements.
The Adopter further represents that he/she is no younger than eighteen years of age
or older than 70.  Age restrictions only because caring for a retired adult can be a lot
of work and require a lot of strength while walking them on a leash.
4.        The Adopter represents that he/she has never been subject to legal action for
cruelty to or neglect of animals. The Adopter further represents that he/she has
never owned an animal which has been confiscated by any animal control or
humane organization for violations of state or local animal control regulations or
animal adoption agreements.
5.        If the Adopter is a tenant, then Adopter agrees to provide written permission
from the landlord consenting to the animal adoption.
6.        If for any reason the Adopter is unable to provide care to the animal, the
Adopter agrees to return the animal to Yeager’s Poodles & Doodles. The Adopter
shall not offer the animal for sale or give the animal to any third party without the
6.        If for any reason the Adopter is unable to provide care to the animal, the prior
written consent of Yeager’s Poodles & Doodles.
7.        The Adopter agrees that Yeager’s Poodles & Doodles shall have the right of
immediate possession of the animal if, in the judgment of Yeager’s Poodles &
Doodles, the animal is receiving inadequate care, is being improperly housed or
8.        The Adopter agrees to pay Yeager’s Poodles & Doodles the sum of $300.00
as liquidated damages in the event the terms of this contract are breached; this
liquidated damage value does not bar the Yeager’s Poodles & Doodles from seeking
the return of the animal by judicial process or other legal means if necessary. If legal
action is instituted, the Adopter agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and court
costs and must be filed in the county of  Yeager’s Poodles & Doodles in Columbiana
County Ohio
9.        The adopter agrees to return the dog to Yeager's Poodles & Doodles at the
adopter's expense in the event that the adoption doesn't work out.
The Adopter hereby declares that he/she is aware:
•        (a.) That animals are different from human beings in their responses to human
•        (b.) That the actions of animals are often unpredictable.
•        (c.) That an animal’s behavior may change after it leaves the breeder and
accustoms itself to a home or other different environment; and
•        (d.) That Yeager’s Poodles & Doodles makes no claims as to the
temperament, health, or mental disposition of any animal put up for adoption.
•        The Adopter understands that there will be NO REFUNDS OF ADOPTION
•        The Adopter acknowledges that he/she has received a copy of the Yeager’s
Poodle & Doodles Animal Adoption Contract Terms.

The Adopter, hereby accepts possession of, title to (subject to the conditions of the
adoption contract), and responsibility for the animal adopted and agrees to release
and discharge Yeager’s Poodles & Doodles forever from liability for any injury or
damages to any person or property caused by the adopted dog and from any
causes of action, claims, suits, or demands whatsoever that may arise as a result of
such injury or damages.

Breeder of Yeager’s Poodles & Doodles:



Signature of adopter: